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Frequently ASked Questions

How can I volunteer & what is entailed?

Due to the limited space at our in-home shelter, we are not accepting volunteers at this time. We are hoping to move to a larger location soon, and will announce via our Facebook page when we’re ready to accept volunteers.

I’d like to see the ferrets you have available for adoption. What should I do?

Please check out our adoptions page. We try to keep the list as updated as possible.

Where are you located?

Happy Camper does not publish its physical address out of concern for ferrets being left outside our door. Ferrets are extremely sensitive to the weather extremes in the midwest and will die if not cared for immediately. We prefer someone surrendering their ferret(s) to set up an appointment to drop off the ferret so we can learn as much about the previous care of the ferret before accepting the surrender. If you need to surrender your ferret, please view our Surrenders and Rescues page. If your ferret is in need of medical assistance, please call your vet immediately. 

How can I surrender my ferret or give Happy Camper a ferret I rescued?

Please view our Surrenders and Rescues page and if you still have questions, please call the Shelter at 269-223-0680 for an appointment.

How much do the ferrets cost?

The ferrets at Happy Camper Ferret Rescue do not have a cost because we are a non-profit organization. Depending on the age of the ferret, we’ll ask for a small donation that will range from $50-$100 per ferret. The younger the ferret, the higher the requested donation. We do not quote donation amounts over the phone or by email. Adoption donations will be discussed at the time of adoption. Please view our Adoption Requirements page to find out more about our adoptions and sponsorship program.